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How A Bot Helped Me In Increasing Both My Sales & Revenue?

About 4 years ago I decided to launch a SaaS startup from scratch. That was the time when I just left my old job and found myself in discussions with some of the startups around making angel investments. I’m not entirely sure about starting a SAAS business. So I wanted to see if the same amount of money can be angel invested in some startup.

At that time I was thinking that if I would take some risk then I would have 100% of the company. Having full control over my business and destiny. Rather than investing in a startup and owning less than 1% of the company.
My background is primarily developing office software and bots and selling them to small businesses. In the past 4 years, I’ve had conversations with many small businesses discussing their needs, how they operate and where they spend money on marketing.

The Idea:

After brainstorming through different ideas, I finally had an idea that makes my mind. The idea of a “Bot!” One of my clients who is a seller on one of the Popular E-commerce app in US, asked me about how she could boost her closet sales. That’s where I got an idea of developing a bot that will share the closet and its items to the communities and bring more followers to the seller’s closet. Since my client has been an old seller on that paltofrm, so I asked her about her expert opinion about my idea.

Her answer is quite motivating for me as she responds to my idea by saying that she would love to buy such a bot that could share her closet items with others and boost her sales.

The Start:

Once I’m sure about the product that I am going to develop, I started researching for it. At that time only a few bots were available online that are specific for the e-commerce niche. To make things more clear I surveyed different e-commerce sellers. After analyzing the responses that I get from them, I realized that there is a great demand for my product.

Ultimately, I started developing a windows operating system based E-commerce bot. Since the majority of sellers told in the survey that they prefer to run the bot on their Windows PC or laptop. For the development, I hired two undergrads that are enthusiasts about the bots.

The Launch:

After been working on the bot for 5 months, I and my team were finally been able to develop that product (Poshmark Pro Tools) and we had soon launched it in the market. It was not that much difficult for us to attract initial clients for it as we approached those with whom we conducted the survey. Apparently, many of them have bought it after we offered them the free Poshmark bot trial.

You can buy the bot for just $14.99 per month.

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