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Lambda's 2020 Winter Hackathon

After my first ever hackathon, all I can say is, "WOW!". A 30 hour sprint with a team of 8 fellow developers and one common goal: build the best bug tracker app we possibly can. It was grueling and tiresome but we did it! We made it through and every single one of us has a new piece to put on our portfolio that we can be proud of. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.

Check out what we made here!

The Stack

We used my bushido-plus react template as a base and used SASS to style. The back end was built in Node.js with express and we used Firebase for hosting and authentication.

The Landing Page

Welcome to Lambda Bug Tracker!

Our good friend Aaron Soler was the one who did the design for the marketing page and in combination with Joscelyn Owen designed our app.

There is also a picture of every talented developer who worked on this project with link to their GitHub's and social's, so I highly recommend checking them out!

The Dashboard

Welcome to the project board!

On the dashboard you can view all your projects and create new projects to track bugs in.

The Bug Board

Welcome to the Bug Board!

Here you can create new bugs to track. It will add the card to the "Bugs to Squash" column and when you are ready to work on the bug you can move it to the "Currently Squashing" column and from there you can move it to "For Review" or "Squashed" columns when you are done working on the bug. You have three tags you can choose from: Front End, Back End, UX/UI. There are also three levels of priority that can be set on the bug: low, medium and high.

The Future!

This is what our team could finish in 30 hours. As impressed as I am with everybody's dedication and determination, we all have more that we would like to accomplish with this app.

  • Adding a team component. Inviting members, having admin for projects, etc.
  • Integrating with .git
  • Setting up a user-custom tag system ... and much, much more.

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