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jimny profile image James Nyagatare ・2 min read


My week at task-force went quite well, starting the week together with my fellow teammates we reviewed the WordPress work we were given to create a popup model for the client as everyone tried to implement the challenge in his own way, we then took the decision the one had to be presented to the client, we tried our best to inspect all the possible perspectives that may lead to a bad user experience resolved them then we thought everything was fine we thought we were ready for the demo with the client.

Things did not go as planned reaching in the demo while presenting to the client we found out the application was not responsive this taught a lesson before demonstrating to the client it's better if we take someone from another team or someone within us developers and pretend to be the client we do a demonstration to him or her then he or she gives feedback this will increase the quality of the app. We also received feedback from the client suggesting we should not use the plugins and suggested us to code everything from scratch, I am an engineer I took this as a good thing because I love challenging myself.

As we finished preparing for the demo on Monday I took my chances for the rest of the week to level up in java and I am proud of myself that I was able to create my first endpoints using servlets, tomcat server, and ArrayList.

Being a part of the task-force is one of the biggest opportunities I have ever had in this career I am upskilling both in technical and soft skills, I like the way I am being challenged, and I believe it’s transforming me into one of the best in this career.

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