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Programming chose me

Being unable to convince my parents and being unable to afford a university elsewhere except in my home state, I was compelled to apply for Medicine and Surgery (they believe I can do anything), but I'd already planned my life toward computer engineering (software or hardware).

On seeing the results, I was a point less than the required points to be in medical school and I was offered biology and the option to choose another. As of then, there was no computer engineering in the school, so I opted for the closest, "Electrical and Electronic Engineering". I've always wanted computer engineering cause I love fixing things and it'll give me a good grind on software engineering too.

Meeting the best in the faculty and the department, he told me I'll be introduced to programming (I didn't know what programming was, I was just curious about how the computer works) and not let the zeal die, and that was the first step to where I'm today.

I could've easily scored higher than what I scored, but somehow I didn't and I'm here building an IoT platform in a company 2 years after graduating, doing what I love doing, "Software Engineering".

Although I have good knowledge of Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, and C, my curiosity has led me to join the ALX Software Engineering Program, where I'm currently resharpening my skills in C, and Python and acquiring DevOps skills and software engineering best practices. I'm also taking the AWS Machine Learning program. I told you, I love fixing things.

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Michael Otu

Have you been asked to fix a printer yet?
I like it that you took the electrical and electronic engineering. I met people that were so keen on being in the medical field that I feel sorry for them complaining about stress. There're others that were like, no matter what, I'd become a "doctor".
I hope to read more about your work and progress as well as your side projects.

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Raymond Wangsa Putra

What a great story to hear, i wish your career best ahead. Just love dan practice what you love, expertise come from practice and consistency i believe. Peace <3