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The Beginning of my Coding Journey.

It is often said that adventures start with a single step. I think that couldn't be more true with coding. I have been seeking for many years now an area of IT to hang my hat on. I started with going the Cyber Security route and even obtained my Security+ cert, but just quickly lost the passion for it. I have wandered aimlessly until recently where I saw ads on my Facebook news feed regarding Web Development. I have dabbled with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and C# before but never really took to learning them for career purposes. Recently, I delving more into coding and I am hooked! The feeling of coding something for yourself and it working is one that cannot be described. I resolved within myself that it is time to stop dragging my feet and it is time to take action. I am now on my journey to becoming a Web Developer. I have found thus far the community of coders throughout the world is incredible and I hope to glean insight from the collective knowledge of other's. I am a beginner, but to call back to the first sentence, every journey begins with a single step. Any helpful tips or advice would be much appreciated!

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