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Coding video game as a hobby

jjuanbj profile image Juan Jiménez ・1 min read

At a young age, I liked to play video games. I remember my first Nintendo console, with games like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, or Contra. I always was thinking about how the Japanese can create such artifact when you push a button and make Mario jump or throw fire at the goombas.

In college I discover something called "programming" with which we can create amazing things. And the part that I like the most: being able to create video games by writing code.

Well, I used Unity for a while, but I feel that instead of helping me, that engine abstracts so much details, that I really don't understand what I'm doing.

For this reason I decided to use only code, without IDE or engine to create my first video game. For example, I have more experience with C#, even though I'm working with Java at the moment. I think C# is more fluent than Java and LinQ is a very good library to work with.

So I choose Casino card game, at least the dominican version of this game, to start my journey. You can see my progress on this repository. I'm also going to post some tips on the how and why related to design and code.

Happy to be here!

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