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My first contribution

This week, for the first time, I contributed to another project for code update. It was about allowing markdown file and turning it into HTML regarding their syntax.

First, I created a new issue to let the project's owner know that I updated his code. After that, I created a new branch with my issue number and did clone my partner's git repository.

Second, I took a look at the code. For me, the code was easy to read and understand. It wasn't a complicated process, but some lines came along with the new line when I sliced the line. So it took a while to realize what the problem was and solve it. Plus, I had forgotten so many javascript syntax and functions I struggled a little bit. But, other than that, his code was clear, and I just texted him when I had any confusion. What I did was pretty much using his code snap and added if-statements for the file type and feature of markdown heading syntax.

Finally, I added all the files that I made changes, committed and pushed to my new branch, issue-19. The process of git was smooth. I didn't have trouble with git throughout this lab. I think the week-2 lecture helped me understand how git works and how to use it appropriately (effective use of git)

When my pull request was merged, I felt good and achieved something from what I contributed. Throughout this lab, everything related to git wasn't a problem. I felt more confident and comfortable using git now, although I wanted to avoid it a month ago.

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Jonas Johnson

I have yet to do my first contribution and it’s nice to hear about others in close to the same boat. Keep it up!