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My First Open-Source Project With SSG


What is SSG? It is a acronym of Static Site Generator. It simply creates a static site that doesn't really need to be updated. So, I built a program that generates a html file that is created with a text file. Here is how it works.

How to run

  1. git clone [git address]
  2. redirect to a1-gss and enter "npm i"
  3. Open any terminal and Enter "npm i" and "node . -i [filename]" You'll see the new "dist" folder and a new HTML file that has a same name as the text file.
  4. Now, let's try the folder. Enter "node . -i [foldername]" You can also try other flags like -v, -h.


  • Commend-line flag
  • Identify title and content in a text file
  • Identify input weather if it is a file or folder
  • Generate HTML file(s) with a folder where new HTML file(s) is.


The first assignment of the open-source class is done! This task was about generating HTML file(s) from a text file(s). Unlike previous assignments, where instructions were mainly specific, I was slightly confused because I am not so used to this concept of assignment that is pretty flexible. I was lost at first in what language to choose and where to start. However, through this assignment, I spent a lot of time looking at many open sources and thinking about combining them with my code. In addition, by using a new library related to the command line, I felt that I was developing the skills I really needed in the working environment and taking a step closer to this field rather than doing a set school task.



My Github Repo

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