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Firing up that coding journey

Have you found yourself interested in programming or are you in another field or career and have been considering to switch into coding?
Well, I had a similar experience some years ago (2016) and while at it made a decision to embrace coding which wasn't a big part of my job then.
I used to write some short code snippets in Python and JavaScript and play around with HTML and CSS (they are not programming languages but equally important in my view). Browsing through the internet and checking out the projects that other people were doing inspired me to start the coding journey.
I started by doing some HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials on where I learned some cool basic stuff on the subjects.
I then embarked on FreeCodeCamp which one can visit at where I also proceeded to learn on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
For beginners and newbies, I would highly recommend the platforms and you are not limited to them since currently there are many others including YouTube channels.
Well, happy coding and keep sharing your progresses and project paths.

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