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Finally, 1st Rails Project done!

So somewhere last year(2019), I started learning Ruby on Rails from The Odin Project. I had already been learning and working with HTML & CSS and was already building static sites.
I dived into Rails because I needed to have a backend to certain projects, and because Javascript has always scared me... lol.

I took a break from The Odin Project, and got back just this month. I dived into the Blog Project, and after two weeks of anxiety, fustrations and alomst certainly, depression, I'm glad to say I made it.
I'm done with the Blog Project now, thanks to some wonderful people from The Odin Project's discord server.

It's been an amazing journey, gradually learning syntax and MVC, and how to handle error messages, debugging as well, and more googling , together with stack overflow. I'm proud of myself for seeing this challenge through; there were many times I felt like giving up and quitting Rails altogether.

And oh, imagine my surprise when I realized my database was gone after deploying to heroku....
I felt so mad and, that was when I got to know that the local database is different from the heroku database, so I'd have to figure out a way to ship my local database too(Database seeding), or write all my articles again.

Anyway, its been fun and interesting. I'm already calling myself a Full Stack Rails Developer....
Josh_on_Rails it is.......

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Arnaud Joubay

Congratulations and well done for not giving up!

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Josh Darling

Thanks Man

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Coding Nerdvana

Welcome to the rails world!