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The best extensions, tips, and themes for VS Code!

Best extensions and themes for Visual Studio Code!

This post is a list of extensions and themes for Microsoft Visual Studio Code that I’ve used and recommend.

About VS Code

Visual Studio Code is an open-source editor developed and maintained by Microsoft, one of the most used and popular editors at the moment. Its popularity is mainly:
For the abundant amount of “IntelliSenses” (solutions to autocomplete your code).

  • Possibility of “debug” by the editor.

  • Integration with GIT.

  • Lots of cloud integrations like Azure and GCP.

  • Possible to use with DevOps solutions such as Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes.

  • Having supported Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  • It supports the possibility of development for several languages like C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Go, and runtimes like .NET and Unity.

There is a large community helping Microsoft to maintain and evolve this editor daily, but before you go out customizing and installing extensions and themes, check the documentation available.

Extensions and Tips

This is a short list of extensions, integrations, and tips for everyday use.

  • Support for Jupyter Notebooks(*.ipynb) within VS Code:


To enable support for Jupyter Notebooks, you will need to have Python installed, install the support, and create a test file (ex: test.ipynb).

IntelliSense is a general term for various code editing features, including: code completion, parameter information, quick info, and member lists. IntelliSense features are sometimes referred to by other names, such as “code completion”, “content assistant” and “code hints”.


As time went by, several intelligent “wizards” began to appear to assist and complement the VS Code, one of the most promising is “Kite”, a solution with support for 16 languages, using several machine learning models to improve the auto-complete, reducing the keys used during its use by 47%, in addition, to easily accessing the documentation for each new library used and tools to search for repeated code.

There are several alternatives to kiting, one of them is the Tabnine.

A set of solutions that will make your day-to-day, driving code versioning with Git much easier.


A way to remember some “TODO” that are always to be done…


An extension to auto-complete the path and filenames.


Pylance is an extension that works alongside Python in Visual Studio Code to provide high-performance language support. Behind the scenes, Pylance is powered by Pyright, Microsoft’s static type checking tool. Using Pyright, Pylance has the ability to turbo-charge your Python IntelliSense experience with rich type information, helping you write better code faster.


An “Assisted IntelliSense”, ie an assistant with artificial intelligence to improve the autocomplete.


A gigantic catalog of icons that customize your editor and make your navigation a little easier visually.


*VSCode Great Icons

Another set of icons to customize the environment.


A simple and practical theme.


A theme created to rest your eyes.


This extension allows the use of the VS Code on the Windows Linux subsystem, the WSL:


This publication is a presentation of a set of extensions, themes, and tips to use with VS Code, but before you go madly installing everything that was presented, read the documentation and remember that as new extensions are being installed, know this can make your editor “heavy” and increase RAM consumption.


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