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React and Rails with Webpacker in Production

I have written a hand full of Rails applications and typically I use the asset pipeline and coffeescript with bootstrap and the likes when deploying. Most of the projects are somewhat barebones from a front end perspective, but that's not to say they aren't functional from the server side. I don't usually have a hard time moving projects from development to production, most of the work ends up being trivial configuration details.

For my most recent rails project, I was looking to add a react form walk-through on sign up. I found a few ruby gems that worked with react and I decided to pick out reactjs/react-rails. I had no problem getting the development environment up and running, but when I tried to move the project into a test environment and then production, webpacker was giving me a time and a half. I ended up scrapping the project and moving forward to something new.

Anyone have similar experiences with dumping side projects? How much work do you usually put into a problem before cutting the cord and moving forward?

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Nick Taylor

Consider looking at the repository. It's rails and uses webpacker. It uses Preact instead of React but the bundling story should be the same.

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I'm not positive, but I believe @maestromac was the one who set it up initially.

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Jack Moore

Sweet. I'll check it out!

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Mac Siri

We got it working without react-rails gem. If you are using the newer version of rails you'll have webpacker installed. Follow their setup instruction and it should be enough to get you going.

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Nick Taylor

Thanks for chiming in Mac!