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Discussion on: FreeNAS ZFS snapshot backup to Amazon S3

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Jonathan Mourtada Author


I just did these simple tests to see if this idea was doable and haven't moved on to actually use it. So can't give any insights of uploading times or costs. If i had i don't have that amount of data that was important to have backed up.

A big factor is how much the data is changing and how long the retention of snapshots that is needed. Data that doesn't change much will not create big incremental snapshots because of how ZFS works.

For your information I did try replicating the snapshots to another machine that was running ubuntu with ZFS on linux(ZOL). Which also seemed to work well the small amount of time i tried it.

At work we have an offsite freenas which we have periodic snapshots and snapshot replication set up with the freenas GUI. This works well and we replicate around 2 TB of data. This is done over the internet and not over big geographical distances. We haven't had any problems here with throughput or long running replications. Both endpoints are 100/100 Mbit connections though i don't think the actual measured bandwidth gets up to that speed. The costs of this for us is only the hardware.