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Joachim Zeelmaekers
Joachim Zeelmaekers

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Well I used to be bad in creating slides too until I found this tool

In my day job I sometimes have to prepare presentations for workshops or tech-talks for companies.
What a terrible thing to do... Creating slides...

I used to think that:

  1. A slide-deck required creativity.
  2. It required hours and hours of work.
  3. There's no fun in creating a presentation.

And one big question always remained.
Does the overal style piece together nicely?

Well solved all those issues for me.

Using is so easy to use.

  1. You start by picking an overal theme eg minimal.
  2. Start creating your slides and choose between a set of existing slides that include graphs, stock images, diagrams & timelines, people and even laptop placeholders!

Try it out, and let me know what you guys think!
Which tools do you guys use to create beautiful presentations?

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