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Tutorial hell: The escape (part one)


Sooo, after months of postponing it, I'll finally start to develop a project from the ground up using React. I tried a few times following tutorials, but I always got that feeling of "Ok, what do I do know? So, this time I decided to not follow any tutorials because:

  • I want to escape tutorial hell;
  • I want to improve my problem-solving skills;
  • Why not?

Oh, I'm João, by the way! I currently live in Brazil and I'm a 20 years old self-taught developer. It's nice to have you here, fellow stranger! 😄

The Project

I'm going for a kanban-styled app. You didn't read it wrong, it's not a to-do list! yikes

I plan to develop new features gradually, a*s I get more comfortable* with the logic and with React. I thought of plan everything from the get-go, but that was overwhelming, so I decided to go with basics first, features later.


The project, at the current stage, has the following structure:

            |       Card.css
            |       Card.jsx
            |       ColumnStack.css
            |       ColumnStack.jsx
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Now, explaining each component:

  • KanbanApp: contains the entire project;
  • ColumnStack: the column of cards (to do, in progress, in revision, concluded). Each column holds its respective cards.
  • Card: contains the info from each task; belongs to one of the columns.

Ok, I know that a lot of things are missing (add new cards, edit existing cards, move cards arounds, etc), but as I said, I plan to implement these things later, for now I just want to get started.

Oh, And i'm following the modules/domain structure!

What to expect?

Frankly, I don't think I'll be able to write daily about the project, but you can stay tunned on my github repo! I do plan to fully develop this app, or at least, most of it, because I know that's the only way to keep moving forward.

Also, I know that I need to improve my writing skills. I have to make things enjoyable not only for me, but for you as well, dear reader. English is not my primary language, so I know that creating the habit of writing a blog or something will greatly improve my fluency.

Buuut I'm enjoying racking my brains, trying to figure things out on my own. You see, when you follow a tutorial, you are just... following. So, starting fresh with no directions is kinda freeing and exciting?

Well, I gotta go back to develop this little project of mine. I really hope to see you here next time, fellow stranger. Godspeed! 😊

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Mike Nemke

Hey João, your repo link is broken. Also, keep the momentum!

joaohass profile image

Thanks for pointing that out, Mike! I'll do my best to keep it up! 😄