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Explain the difference between Gulp and Grunt like I am five

gulp and Grunt are task runners. They are different approaches to same problem. Grunt uses configuration based approach, while gulp uses streams from node to achieve result.
Source: StackOverflow

Please describe in your own words the difference(s) between Gulp and Grunt. What (unique) features distinguish the two? What is your personal preference and more importantly why?

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Nimmo • Edited

Grunt runs tasks one at a time.

Gulp runs tasks all at once.

(I'm sure there are many more differences, it's been years since I've used either, as I'll explain below)

My personal preference is to use neither, and to create individual tasks in ("scripts" in package.json) for things that I might otherwise use a task runner for, with names that describe what they do rather than what tools they use.

The reasons for that preference are that:

  • I want to be able to change the implementation of those tasks without the people who actually use them (i.e. the other people that work on codebases that I work on) having to understand what they're doing under the hood - I don't want people to have to care what I'm using to minify files (for example), I just want them to know that if they use npm run minify then that's what it will do.

  • It means that anyone who is new to a Node project that I'm working on can look at the scripts section of package.json and see what options are available. This could be achieved with Gulp/Grunt too of course but it means doubling-up quite a lot in my experience.

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Daniele Scasciafratte

I can say honestly that they when doesn't work you say grunt or gulp instead blaming someone else.
I prefer grunt because the settings file is more simple and because is working and is not changing a lot since a while.

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because is working and is not changing a lot since a while.

convinced me honestly, that's all I want from software tools