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[dev.to] #explain5levels | Explain subject in 5 levels of complexity

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We have the #explainlikeimfive tag for those who want the simplest answer or introduction to a new subject. This generally is a great place to start learning anything new.

Today I came across a video on the WIRED YouTube channel that reminded me of you guys. It explains blockchain technology not just to a five year old but in 5 levels of complexity. There is a playlist with 6 of these videos.

This is not a bad idea. I propose we copy this and start doing this too.

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I think it’s a great idea. Most of the time I feel that people don’t really want things explained like they are 5, but just in simple terms. 5 levels of complexity might be a bit of work for responders, but 2 or 3 could be about right. I find most people end up with 2 anyway.


I think this is a pretty cool idea. One way or another, now that the code is open I feel like we have a lot more freedom to work on feature adjustments and give different things a try.