Tell me about the things you don't post on GitHub

I support the open source world and everything it stands for for more reasons than I can explain in a lifetime but I do have projects I don't share on GitHub or NPM or anywhere else. I have many vague reasons and suspicions why I am currently keeping them to myself.

I am interested to learn what your secret projects are and why you are not sharing them with the world (yet). Is it because they are not finished, are you a perfectionist? Is it unique and do you want to prevent someone from stealing it? Do you want to sell it? Is intellectual property and recognition important to you?

This will help me make better sense of why these projects matter so much to me and others don't.

ps. #life tag anybody?

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My private code is either personal or not interesting enough for me to post on GitHub. I also work with other companies who prefer to keep their IP closed.

Jogral--the name of my consultancy--started with closed source, but this year I've been open sourcing it. The hope was that what someone once told me in a job interview would come true: start a project, and people will help out. That's incredibly naive, but at least now I can actually refer to my code directly. Makes deployment and infrastructure more cost effective for me, too.

I have some file with code which are for personal use. Some things are just private.

Eventually all my code that isn't absolutely personal will be open, it will just take some time to get there since is currently closed but will be open soon enough.

Frankly there is not a lot of code that truly needs to be closed source.

Just small customizations to my system and scripts or aliases I've made to help my struggles. I hope to share all of it someday.

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