What Google API(s) are worth paying for?

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I received a $200 time limited funds to use the Google APIs did and only 70 days left to use them for something.

I want to take this opportunity to better look into what is available these days and play with different APIs because w00t free service and waiting for it to expire is stupid.

What API(s) have you personally worked with and paid for and what purpose did they serve? I am very interested to hear your use cases.

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the last features they've added to the beta release have made me realize that firebase is really worth paying for, when I started using it, things were pretty basic, but with the addition of new features and a new db engine they've expanded their functionality tremendously


I've used maps but tend not to go over the free tier, it does pretty much what you would expect. If this includes compute engine you can pretty much run anything. Maybe you can commission TPUs?

Keep in mind that many people (including myself) consider google's documentation to be unsatisfactory, so 200 bucks might not be worth the time you're about to spend on it.


Do your funds cover Firebase as well? Haven't worked with it but ML kit seems interesting: developers.google.com/ml-kit/

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