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Why we use Flutter for mobile app development?

We always strive to provide better software solutions for our customers at affordable pricing. We try to incorporate the best and latest technologies in our development processes.

In that search, we found Flutter as the best app development framework to develop our own and customers' projects.

And we'd love to share why we used Flutter for our app development process with you.

1. Code-sharing

Flutter allows developers to write code for a single platform and reuse the same for other platforms. This saves time and cost of the app development process.

Also, a special thing about Flutter is that it also allows the use of the same UI across multiple platforms without affecting the app's performance.

2. Faster time to market

Most often Flutter requires fewer man-hours to create and launch an app than other frameworks.

As Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework, it allows the use of a single code base to create apps for multiple platforms.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Flutter would be a great choice to create their minimum viable product.

3. App performance

The performance of Flutter apps are equally good compared to Native applications, and in some cases, it's better. The use of ahead of time compilation in Flutter helps faster rendering.

4. Cost-efficient

Other frameworks require developers to create separate applications for iOS and Android. Flutter eliminates this obstacle by offering the use of one code across all platforms. Hence a single developer can create a code that can run on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

5. Community help and documentations

As per the reports, nearly 2 million developers are using Flutter to create their applications, and the community is still growing. Also, Google provides clear documentation and guides to start creating apps in Flutter.

6. Future

Flutter has become a complete cross-platform development framework as developers can create applications that can run on desktops. The Flutter development team is still upgrading, and there'll be a huge scope for Flutter in the cross-platform market.

These are some of the reasons why we used Flutter to build our applications like Wooberly, WooberlyEats, and taxi dispatch software.

Now it's your time to create your own. Start exploring! Cheers!

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You know when someone is trying to tell you how cool they are but you're not buying it? Yeah, that's how i feel when i read Flutter articles.

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Sailesh Dahal

I don't agree with better performance compared with native. Can you give an example of that?

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