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Why I Write

Lately I've decided to write a lot more. Here are some of the reasons that convinced me to pick it up.

1. I Want To Practice Writing

Writing is like riding a bicycle. The most important trick to get better is to do it every day.

If you try to find out what good writers do to improve their writing, it's one thing that they all have in common: They write a lot. Forcing myself to create lots of written content is a way of teaching myself how to write better.

And in the end writing a post is a lot like building a product. If you're only making it public when you're fully happy with it, you've waited too long. So I tend to put an effort into starting to write and publishing a post within 2 days.

2. I Can Share My Posts With My Friends And Colleagues Easily

I'm regularly discussing different aspects of my work that I've formed opinions on. This can be my hiring process, custom tooling, or on-boarding a new developer to the team. I would like to give everyone the most well-structured version of that info possible. Sharing a blog post that I've crafted allows to share that content more easily.

3. Writing Helps Me Grow

Since writing requires me to reflect on my thoughts and actions, it allows me to learn something new from my experiences and structure my thoughts on a topic. It's an important way to grow and become better at what I do.

The content I write can capture my thoughts in that moment, while the reflection that's happening during writing is what helps me grow and mature my thoughts.

What other reasons are there to write?

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Victor Macarios

Great reasons!

I'll add two more:

  1. To help other people who, like me, are starting and need simple guides.
  2. To have a place where I can find the way I've done something.