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Johannes Millan
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Hacktoberfest Mini Competition: Win 50 bucks for open source contribution

I am excited about open source, that's why I am excited about the hacktober fest. It hopefully will bring new people to face the daring prospect of submitting their first pull request allowing our wonderful community to grow.

I intend to participate myself. This will mean that I will have less time to spent own my own projects. This is how I came up with the idea to give away 50€ for the most meaningful contribution to my favorite open source app and side project Super Productivity within the month of this years october.
Isn't that great? Not only do you get to make your possibly first open source contribution, you also get paid for it! I'm a little bit jealous. I never get paid for mine...

If you think money and open source don't mix, I am very open about giving your money to a charity of your choosing instead. If you decide to do so I'll add another 50 bucks on top (well at least if I don't think the cause is absolutely outrageous or immoral).

There are many open issues which could use your help. Earlier I also wrote an article about other areas which could use some improvement. Also please feel free to contribute your own ideas. I want this to be a community driven project.

details of the competition

At the end of the month I will decide which contribution had the biggest impact. Chances are that this might be feel a bit arbitrary. So please don't get mad, if I decide to give the money to someone else.

Only a single person will receive the reward.

The contribution doesn't necessarily have to be a PR, but those probably have the best chances.

The money will be send using paypal.

I happily help you with all the questions that occur on the way. I heavily recommend to have at least some experience with JavaScript/TypeScript though.

P.S.: Why 50 bucks? I thought about this for a long time actually and I am still not 100% convinced that this is the best possible move. I thought about what else people could want, but in the end money gives you the most flexibility. I also thought about making it more, but I wanted this to be a friendly compition and this prize to be just a small incentive rather than something that you do in hopes of paying your rent. I also consider this a small birthday present to myself, as I'm proud about my app and I really would like to have more people participating.

Please let me know, if you think this sucks and what I should have done instead!

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