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Vue.js or React with D3?

Hi all,

I'm currently determining what would be a great step forward for my Open Source project[1]. It is basically a temporal, versioned NoSQL document store which is built from the ground up to store snapshots very space efficient, while still providing excellent query performance, no matter which revision is going to be queried. It is capable of storing and querying XML and JSON documents in a binary format persistently.

I developed some interactive visualizations in my master theses along with diffing algorithms a few years ago. I want to port these to the web (formerly written in Processing).

So, besides comparing and viewing the tree structures of JSON and XML I want to add capabilities to interact with the database backend. As I'm also a backend software engineer and we are stuck on older technology I'm not really familiar with the frontend-stuff. I'm currently reading a book about D3 and learning JavaScript a bit, but I'd rather use TypeScript I guess or even Kotlin transpiled to JavaScript.

If you'd start a new front-end project, would you use React or Vue.js together with D3js?

Of course any kind of help or contributions would be highly welcome :-)

A quick view on how it looked like:

Or my master thesis:

Kind regards


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I'd personally prefer Vue because it fits better in my brain but maybe React is more for you.

Maybe look for whatever libraries you might need in addition and see what's the support in both ecosystems.

ps, maybe you don't need either at all :D