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Why Developer Become Frustrated And Companies Can’t Find Talent

In order to talk about why the developer becomes frustrated and companies can’t find talent, let’s start with their work. What makes their software project successful or imperfect (failure would be a wrong word I guess because there is always a scope of improving thing at any stage in development field).

Why Developer Become Frustrated And Companies Can't Find Talent

The successful project:- that finishes on time, on budget. Well coded with all the functions, features that is it made for.

The imperfect project:- is completed but it takes too long to do so, over budget. Or the functions and features are not up to the mark.

Attributes for a successful software project
This is the time to talk about what are the attributes in which the success of a project depends. Well, there are various things that make the project successful.

Scope, quality of your project, budget, time limitations, resources and how can we forget about the developer who is working on the project.

Let’s understand the role of some attributes in building a successful project.


The quality of the software project is very important in the long run. If the end product is not fulfilling your actual need that is it made for. Then what is the point to make it. Keep in mind, your moto to build a software project from the beginning. Well-specific functions and features result in a quality product. That leads to a successful project.


Maybe you get successful in building a software project with all the qualities that needed for your project. But it takes to long in doing the same somewhere someone already builds the same kind of software as you. Now, what will you do with yours? will it get that success that you think for? Obviously not.

So the success rate of any software project varies on the time limit. Define the time limits and try to finish your project in time.


Money is a resource that affects all other resources needed for your project. Some startups compromise with the quality of their software project because of low budget issues. And keep updating it from time to time as they grow financially.

But in the result of this, they lose reliability. There are many options by which You can save a lot of amounts and use them for your product. Like hire a Remote Developer or why not hire a whole Remote development team. Neither you need to spend in their training nor in office space.

The Developer

I know its neither an attribute nor a resource. But still the most important to building a software project and make it successful. A developer is known as one who is responsible for the quality of the project, time limits and the money spending on the project.

Is this all true? According to me some part of this true like Software Developer is responsible for the quality of the project. But not for the other resources provided to them like money and time.

In fact sometimes due to the pressure of delivering the project in the given time limit developers compromise with their productivity and creativity. And do not able to give that quality what actually they can.

Budget plays a major role, especially for startup companies. They make developers work with a low budget because of that developer is bounded to compromise with quality. And not able to do what they actually want. They have to later update things from time to time. Over time they get frustrated by fixing the same thing again and again.

Greatest “Cause of Frustration”

Fixing poor code issues

The thing that makes the most developer annoying is fixing the code. Whether they write it themselves in the early stages or by some other colleague. The pain of fixing broken code gets double with the poor comments and refactoring codes and make it fresh and tidy. This could be a frustrating issue for anyone.

Finding bugs

This problem is related to the previous one. When it comes to finding bugs in the source code it’s more tricky than solving it. First, it takes a lot of time to locate it. And then it takes a lot of effort, energy to fix it.

Distressing Technical infrastructure

Unwisely and unhelpful technical infrastructure is also a pain point. What the developer can do only is to convert the broken, judged, outdated and not well-documented code in an inadequate form. Code comments that are either too general or sometimes too specific will also be going to be criticized by others.

Unclear Requirements

Developers are very particular about the task they do. They don’t like uncertainty in your requirements. And somewhat that is right after all requirement is the base on which developers going to create your project. They need to write code according to your requirements.

Those questioned with vogue and unrealistic project requirements as a source of stress, Particularly where those requirements are changing up to the last minute.

Maintaining past code

For developers maintaining and updating the code, they are working on for the years is tough. Developers need to update with the future scope of all the work they did in the past. The challenge becomes more critical when they have to work on someone else codes who for now departed the company.

How to overcome

Break down the large problem into one module. And work on it one by one.
Some developers like to finish harder one first so after that, they can work on easy modules. And some others like to easy one first so that gets time for the harder ones. Choose what suits you.
Consider the priorities first. As updating of code is more important than the building code for new ones.
Don’t be scared of doing things wrong. When you are using some new technology first implementation is always going to have mistakes.

The real reason behind companies can’t find talent!

If the Developer has a negative attitude that will impact the whole culture. It will cause a lot of other issues in the long run. Let’s assume behavioural issues and the hiring process is not a problem. still, the fundamental cause of the source of frustration will remain. Or at least nobody come up with the solution yet.

Due to how the traditional economy system works. You will be a curse to see the vicious cycle over and over again for many years to come.

What you can do is accept the problem and try to build awareness in order to enable everyone to see and understand these trade-offs

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