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How To Create Your First Flow In Node-RED

💻 JOHN JARDIN | Bleeding Code
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This post introduces a deep dive video tutorial where I teach you the fundamentals of Node-RED and at the same time, show you how to build a Weather Forecast Dashboard. To make the dashboard work, we'll need to integrate with 3 online APIs that will provide the current weather forecast, a 5 day forecast, and information about the country connected to the town or city being searched.

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This video tutorial shows you step by step, how we bring these APIs together in Node-RED, to produce a weather service in the form of a UI dashboard. Once you've completed this tutorial, you will have a good enough understanding of Node-RED, enough to be able to get up and running with your own flows.

NOTE: This is my first deep dive video and I would really appreciate honest feedback as to if this kind of content adds value and if yes, how can I better it for future videos to come.

NOTE: Also see below references to mentioned websites, online tools as well as GitHub resources for the Node-RED Weather Dashboard.

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