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How do you become a writer? 7 steps.

What do you have to do to become a writer? The short answer: writing. The long answer: reading, being insecure, sitting still (ergo: working), being rejected, looking critically at your own work and submitting it to a publisher.

  1. Read and Learn

The best writers are readers. They learn when they read (for pleasure) and are genuinely interested in stories. Here are five books by writers about writing that you can start with, but also read what you feel like yourself.

  1. Be insecure

Hey? Shouldn't you be very firm as a writer? New. In general, it is a good sign if you are insecure about your own work: you realize that you do not know everything and that there is still a lot to learn. Knowing more?

  1. Sit still (and work)

As a writer you have to have guts. My solution to sitting still is to start moving when I'm not writing or pausing .

  1. You must exhibit 'writer behavior'

You are a writer when you write and eventually finish a book, for example. To write you need three things:

Power (such as a computer and time)

Are you missing an element? Then you get stuck. For example, when you lack motivation and you have new ideas every time, but do not bring anything to realization. Learn more about this behavioral model and how to make sure you become a writer with these elements .

  1. You must be rejected

Rejection is part of writing. You learn from it. There is no writer whose work is all good and 100% accepted. Especially if you're just starting to write. That doesn't make getting rejected any easier. I found a way to collect rejection, learn from it, and grow into a debut writer.

  1. Be critical of your work

Really good writing is a result of rewriting. That's where the story gets taut and where everything comes together. A few tips to look at your writing with a fresh, critical eye . And know: deleting hurts, and for this reason.

  1. Send your manuscript to a publisher

If you want to become a published writer, at some point you have to send your book to a publishing house . It is important that your manuscript looks good and that you may have a good writer's resume.

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