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Release 0.9.0 of cheatset, Docker edition

The Ruby gem and magnificent CLI tool cheatset for creating cheat sheets for Zeal or has been updated to release 1.4.6.

While I was at it I decided to try to use the slim version of the Ruby Docker base image and with some minor adjustments I succeeded.

This release brings you the Docker edition of cheatset and a slimmer Docker image, which can be obtained from DockerHub.

If you run into any issues, please report this via GitHub

Change log

This is the change log lifted from GitHub

0.9.0 2022-02-02 Maintenance release

  • cheatset has been updated with a bug fix release: 1.4.6 for details please see the GitHub repository - thanks @dependabot

  • The Docker base image has been changed to a slim variation, which reduces the image size significantly

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Jonas Brømsø

Snyk has analyzed the newly generated Docker image.

The image has gone from (version 0.8.0) known issues with severity:

  • Critical: 12
  • High: 18
  • Medium: 35
  • Low: 135

Total 200 known issues (410 dependencies)

To (version 0.9.0):

  • Critical: 3
  • High: 2
  • Medium: 0
  • Low: 38

Total 43 known issues (119 dependencies)

The critical issues are primarily in glibc/libc6-dev and an updated version in propagating through the Debian release path, so it is possible that the critical issues will be addressed with the next update to the base image or I include a newer version, when it is deemed stable and can be included