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Release 1.50 of perl-workflow

perl-workflow is picking up so much speed I did not have the time to write up a proper announcement of the 1.50 release.

This relases is continuing the cleaning and bug fixing.

Discussions have started on the general direction of perl-workflow and we are getting en route to flesh out a road map for a major release.

My hope it that the major release, is going to set a new direction for the perl-workflow framework and it might be cutting ties with some of the old ways of doings things, but we want to do this in good order and without breaking backwards compability without a proper deprecation cycle.

The plan is to have some of the upcoming releases, to be announcements of deprection notices, where the deprectation will be scheduled for exection down the line.

perl-workflow has expended it number of project members with two. This gives us the ability to handle some of all the work more effectively and all changes can be reviewed, which is a major step up from one maintainer.

Change log for perl-workflow release 1.50

  • Removal of unused dependency: Log::Dispatch, PR #64

  • Perl::Critic annotations addressed, enabled a few Perl::Critic tests, PR #58 and #59

  • Cleared out VSCode configuration file from distribution

  • Removed obsolete notes directory containing older coverage reports, now covered by, PR #63

  • Removed obsolete prototypes directory containing minor examples for code constructs, PR #62

  • Addressed reports of failling tests from CPAN-testers for release 1.49, test suite now supports being run without PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC, PR #53

  • Implementation of workaround for issue #10 with the failing observers, this is expected to be readdressed, as the observer implementation will be revisited, PR #60

  • Stop requiring a DSN to be configured when the DBI handle is sourced from elsewhere; instead, require a driver attribute to be specified, PR #51

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Thorsten Hirsch

I think you need to update the INSTALL file, because there's neither a nor a in the repo.

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Jonas Brømsø • Edited

Hi thorstenhirsch

The Makefile.PL and Build.PL are auto-generated by Dist::Zilla, so they are included in the distribution tar-ball uploaded to PAUSE/CPAN.

I will look into writing up documentation on how to install directory from the repository.

Thank you for the feedback - as a Perl developer you too often expect everybody to know and use CPAN, which might not be the case, so your feedback it most welcome, since I would prefer to be more inclusive in that regard.

Take care and stay safe,


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Thorsten Hirsch

Oh, thanks for clarification. I have been working on a perl project (in-house/closed-source unfortunately), which was using ExtUtils::MakeMaker for auto-generating the Makefile based on Makefile.PL. But I didn't know that there's also an auto generator for Makefile.PL.