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Release 1.52 of perl-workflow

Yet another bug fix release of Perl-Workflow has been made available on CPAN.

The release addresses an issue introduced in release 1.51. Unfortunately that is a side-effect of changing code and progressing rapidly, but we located the issue fast and were able to patch it bundled with improved unit-tests, so this issue should not show up again, at least not in this form.

An update is recommended based on the above fix if you are using 1.51.

The many releases and traction has has resulted in some feedback and in a comment on to the release 1.50 announcement it was pointed out that the installation documentation mentioned files not available in the repository. The comment points to a very important part of open source consumption and that is you, the developer/maintainer, cannot expect users to have the same toolchain or environment as you. So you have to be clear on requirements and assumptions in your documentation.

The documentation has now been updated to explain as to how installation should is assumed done and more information on working with the toolchain used is added to the repository wiki. Thanks to Thorsten Hirsch for the feedback.

The change to the installation documention, also made way for a change to the toolchain and Perl-Workflow now no longer generates both a Build.PL and a Makefile.PL, since this is regarded as bad practice. Check the details in the change log below.

The release also contains corrections to some badly formatted URLs, thanks to Michiel W. Beijen for the PR. Apparently some maintainers are hesitant when it comes to contributions from casual contibutors, I am of the opposite camp, if somebody spots an issue in my repository, which I missed, I am very happy for received a notification or correction - then again me repositories are not heavy on traffic, my time is limited, but I am not in a situation where this has ever been a burden.

Change log for Perl-Workflow, release 1.52

1.52 2021-02-11 Bug fix release, update recommended

  • Addressed bug/issue #95 via PR #96, the issue was introduced with PR #85 in release 1.51

  • Improvements to Dist::Zilla config, only ExtUtils::MakeMaker supported via Dist::Zilla now. Module::Build support having been removed. See the article by Neil Bowers (NEILB) on the topic. Thanks to Karen Etheridge (ETHER) for information and link to the above-mentioned article (issue #93, resolved via PR #98)

  • Documentation in INSTALL file updated, the information was somewhat scarce and outdated (issue #92, resolved via PR #99)

  • Some URLs fixed via PR #97, thanks to Michiel W. Beijen for the contribution

  • More unit-tests added via PR #94, continued work on issue #36 improving test coverage

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