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Release 1.56 of perl-workflow, a bug fix release

With release 1.55 we unfortunately introduced a minor bug as observed by the OpenXPKI project.

A workaround was implemented and due to fast feedback we where able to get the issue pin-pointed for correction. The only issue delaying this important bug fix release was summer holidays, but we have just shipped and we are now focusing our attention to our upcoming 2.0 release.

This change in focus will mean that we will only be making bug fix releases to the 1.X branch. Since we are doing trunk based development, the master branch is currently considered unstable, installations and use should be based on official releases.

We still have some way to go before the first pre-release of 2.0 will be uploaded to CPAN, but I am confident that it will be completed within the next weeks, since holiday season is good to open source.

Here follows the change log of release 1.56.

Change Log

The original is available on GitHub

1.56 2021-07-28 Bug fix release, update recommended

  • PR #139 addresses an issue introduced in 1.55, where action configurations would contain unnecessary information

  • Elimination of global state, with improved abstraction the complexity could be removed via PR #140

  • PR #141 improves test suite, following up on PR #131

  • PR #132 follows up on issue #129 by improving documentation on group property of Workflow::Action

  • Elimination of warning about undefined value, which surfaced with release 1.55, adressed with PR #135

  • PR #131 documents the importance of overriding init for processing of parameters and not using new

  • PR #130 addresses issue #129, respects encapsulation by adhering to the API

  • Improves some error and log messages via PR #128

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