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Jonas Brømsø
Jonas Brømsø

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Release 1.9.11 of Perl distribution Crypt::OpenSSL::X509, followed by 1.9.12

Recently I published a new release of the Perl distribution Crypt::OpenSSL::X509.

A release had not been made since August, I had lined one up and planned for November 2021, but never got it shipped, but now I found the time.

As always I am incredibly happy for the users of, and the contributors to the distribution and this release contains PRs from 3 different contributors:

If you want to contribute you are always welcome to submit issues or PRs via the GitHub repository

Well that all sounds honky dory BUT, things went sideways... the first attempt at an upload to PAUSE, the gateway for CPAN was an empty tar-ball.

Luckily Timothy Legge swiftly informed me of the issue. Unfortunately it is not possible to upload a file with the same name twice, so release 1.9.12 followed just after.

I think I need to write some scripts to help me with these releases, so I do not make stupid mistakes, or I should migrate to Dist::Zilla, which is a stronger tool compared to Module::Install IMHO.

The distribution still relies on OpenSSL 1, next up is support for OpenSSL 3. I am planning a bug fix/maintenance release in between.

Take care,


Change Log 1.9.11 Tue Jan 18 18:57:39 CET 2022

  • Applied patch from @jrouzierinverse PR #93 addressing issue #66

  • Applied patch from @timlegge PR #92 addressing issues #50 and #40

  • Correction to spelling found Debian Linter, thanks @fschlich PR #90

  • Added eliminated compound-token-split-by-macro errors coming from newer clang/LLVM version (>11?), got some good pointers from this Perl issue

  • Forced OpenSSL under Homebrew to 1.1 via openssl\@1.1, since OpenSSL version 3 got released we might experience issues and this need to be revisited and tested thoroughly

  • Reformatted the Changes file, slowly converting to Markdown

Change Log 1.9.11 Tue Jan 18 18:57:39 CET 2022

  • Repair upload, see release 1.9.11, thank you @timlegge for reporting this

PAUSE doesn't let you upload a file twice.

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Mark Gardner

Let me know if you need any help with Dist::Zilla.

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Jonas Brømsø

I need to wrap my head around Dist::Zilla handling for XS-centric Perl distributions. I have some notes and stuff collected, have just not had the time to get it processed - any additional pointers would be most welcome