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CodeIgniter 4 has been released: What's new?

Today, February 24, CodeIgniter 4 was officially launched. The long-awaited update, which is actually a new framework, was launched today in honor of James Perry, who was responsible for conducting this new project and who died a few weeks ago victim lung cancer.

Version 4 has been completely rewritten and has no backwards compatibility, it brings PHP's minimum version to run at 7.2, while Version 3 brings PHP 5.6 (discontinued).

Completely written in PHP 7, the new version has a leaner coding than the previous ones, besides being more performative and giving developers more productivity and performance in the web application development process.

With a more organized and current code structure in relation to other frameworks on the market, such as Laravel, the use of new features in PHP 7 and other libraries is possible, sometimes requiring minimal configurations.

The migration process from version 3 to 4 is very easy to do, as long as the application to be migrated is within the standard architecture model of CodeIgniter 3.

One of the great novelties of the new version, and which had been highly demanded over the years, is the possibility of creating Rest APIs without the need to use third party libraries to complement the nonexistent functionalities until version 3.

Now that the stable version has been officially launched it is time to start creating the projects and take advantage of all that CodeIgniter 4 can offer in terms of performance and productivity in the web application development process.

And remember, if you encounter problems or bugs, report through issues on GitHub and if you have questions about the use and operation, share on the Forum.

Official Documentation:
Official Site: (
in the process of updating to the new version)

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