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Python web development

Python can be used for web development with Django or Flask. Because the easy syntax of Python, it's very easy to quickly publish a new app.

Flask is among the most minimalist web frameworks available for Python. Django has more features (or bloat, depending on your view point). It comes with an Object Relational Manager (ORM) and many more features.

You can easily put it online using a service like PythonAnywhere. In just a few clicks, your Python app is online

python web

Why Python?

If you developed for the web before, you may wonder why not use PHP or another programming language?

Python lets you build apps very quickly and you don't have to worry to much about extensibility.

Modules can be used in Python and there are way more available for Python than for instance PHP.

Fair you say, but I only need CRUD databases?

Even considering that you only use the same basics (like with Laravel), the Python syntax is a lot cleaner than PHP.

Why the web?

The web is available on all platforms and devices. In the early 90s desktop apps were all the rage, but these days lots of people use mobile devices.

Mobile internet users overtook desktop users a few years ago:

mobile users vs desktop users

Yes, the desktop is still around. But mostly for developers and office workers. People spend lots of time on the web (and mobile).

But regardless of device, if you have a web browser then web apps always work. Though you might need to optimize for the browser and responsiveness.

If you want to make desktop apps with Python, you can use something like the PyQt module for Python. There's also tkinter which is a very minimal GUI framework.

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cmuralisree profile image
Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

Good info, but django has the best security out of the box, and it uses MVT (model view template),
It has better administration tools, and lot more.

People more often call flask as a leaf or something, bcz it offer very less functionalities

chris_nelis profile image
Chris Nelis

There are several Web3 clouds I know about. Data security is an obvious concern with such platforms -- you have to give away your information to third parties you cannot trust. The problem can be solved with confidential computing (protecting data-in-use), but it's a relatively new tech and not the easiest to implement.
I don't know many teams going in this direction. If you're interested in Web3 or cloud computing, you should probably check Super Protocol out. The project is still in an early stage of development though, but they recently launched a public testnet with several premade Python solutions (face recognition, speech recognition, and image classification). As far as I know, they are going to allow (and incentivize) uploading your own.
Anyway, here's a Typeform (you can google their website yourself Wink):
They send out invitations a few times a week.