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Drive Webpage Changes with Figma

jonlehman profile image Jon Lehman ・1 min read

A couple weeks back I finally had a chance to mess around with the newest version of the Figma API. I put together this little demo for internal-Theorem knowledge-sharing.

Basically, I designed a quick landing page in Figma, coded out that design to a live page but synced up the styles, images, text, etc to the Figma document. This way, as a user makes changes to the landing page they will see their changes reflect on the live web page, responsiveness and all!

Obviously, it would be a pretty bad idea to use this as-is in production (because of slow loading, SEO, security, etc). However, this experiment has given me a taste of some of what could be possible by harnessing the power of Figma and their API so I wanted to share! Enjoy!


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