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Teabreak Challenge #22

The ability to focus is paramount to developer success. Determine your biggest enemy of focus today, and be aware of it as you take on your work. ~ Tea Break Challenge #22

The Enemy

Although "focus is paramount to developer success", it can be a wrecking ball to your productivity. Just because you're focused, does not mean you're being productive! Today, my "biggest enemy of focus" was having too much focus. I had a problem to solve and I was spinning my wheels, but I was too focused; I was unwilling to take a break... If you're like me, you do this far too often. You need to learn when to take a break.

The Solution

  1. Take more breaks so I am accustomed to not being at the keyboard all day.
  2. After spinning my wheels, start a timer and continue work until it ends. (Then take a break.)
  3. Ask for another set of eyes.
  4. Maintain productivity by taking breaks and working on meta tasks to keep me distracted from the original problem I was attempting to solve. (i.g. Slack, email, bathroom break, lunch, snack, etc.)

Maybe, just maybe... I need more coffee. Then I should be able to brute force my way to the solution! πŸ€”

What was the enemy blocking you from being focused today? Also, please help me out by suggesting any possible solutions for fighting my enemy!

Hello! I'm Jon Major Condon. I spend my days as a Software Farmer, tending to client codebases through Bendyworks. As a farmer of software, I focus on Javascript, CSS, and mainly React. That's not all though; I love spending my time with my wife and kids and focusing on my growth as a developer and helping others grow too! This year I am working to grow my writing skills, so I hope to publish some of my "Tea Break Challenge" responses and other posts involving anything life and dev related. I hope you enjoy!

What's the Tea break Challenge? Every day there is a new challenge to help developers connect with their inner-self. The Tea Break Challenge is also done by a phenomenal dev podcast called DeveloperTea

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