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My "lightbulb" Moment!

No matter how you started coding, you have had formative moments when learning. Reflect on one of your “lightbulb” moments when things started to “click." ~ Tea Break Challenge, Day #29

Almost six years ago... The beginning of my career, during college, I was hired as a part-time Mobile Software Developer consultant. I was hired with little to no knowledge on how to do the job — but, I was so determined... I went the entire first year without really understanding how to read API documentation; however, I was able to build my first production mobile application for a client within this first year! Although the app was a success, I really was still unsure about myself and how I was able to build it. The company I was working for then hired a new developer who was also aspiring to be a software developer, and it was me assigned to teach him "how to build mobile applications." — Whelp, so I did! I taught him how to read API documentation, And you know what...? That's when it clicked! I won't forget that "lightbulb!" moment, because I looked at him like... **** I know what I am talking about after all!

Teach and you will learn.

What's a lightbulb moment of yours?

Hello! I'm Jon Major Condon. I spend my days as a Software Farmer, tending to client codebases at Bendyworks. As a farmer of software, I focus on Javascript, CSS, and mainly React. That's not all though; I love spending my time with my wife and kids and focusing on my growth as a developer and helping others grow too! This year I am working to grow my writing skills, so I hope to publish some of my "Tea Break Challenge" responses and other posts involving anything life and dev related. I hope you enjoy!

What's the Tea break Challenge? Every day there is a new challenge to help developers connect with their inner-self. The Tea Break Challenge is also done by a phenomenal dev podcast called DeveloperTea

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