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Jordan Finneran
Jordan Finneran

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I'll review your code

I've seen quite a few posts about roasting/reviewing landing pages and websites recently.

Which got me thinking, why not the code?! πŸ€”

I know from personal experience on side projects or things I'm playing around with I miss a pull request, peer review from my colleagues that I get at work.
I also think it's one of the best ways to improve as a developer, both reviewing others code and having my code reviewed.

With that said, let me review your code!

I can do reviews in these languages: JavaScript, HTML, Golang, Python, SQL

I will be open this week, to send me your repositories and I will review the code, confidentially of course.
Either comment the GitHub repository link below, or DM me on Twitter.
If your repository is private, you'll need to add me as a contributor, my GitHub profile is here and I'll do my best to review as many as possible!

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Yogini Bende

Wow!! This is an awesome initiative!
Because of this article I realised how many unfinished projects I have!!

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Shashwat Verma