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Discuss: How to decrease the Tech Gap in a Team

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I have participated in a group of groups oriented to the
continuous improvement within software development, but never
I have faced eliminating the technical gap of a team.

What actions do you believe (or have you done), to decrease
the technical gap in a team?

I have some ideas, like:
- Pair Programming (Incluiding Mob)
- Teach good developer practices
- Practice / Practice / Practice

I currently have a couple of equipment to level, where the difference
is very well known, for which to do a kind of initial analysis
I plan to do a Skill Matrix and from there start to see
what is necessary.

I appreciate any idea

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I've seen many attempts to reduce gap, but from my experience only pair programming works reliably. Let team work in pairs for some time and prevent establishing stable pairs. Quite soon team technical level will be much more even. Primarily I mean technical level necessary for particular project, but general level is improved too.

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