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Just a little boy trying learn for his own.

I'm from México in a little town and I tried to learn about web deveolpment but frecuently I feel stuck. Maybe it's normal but I dont't meet people that really likes programming,just they do for pass the exam. ):

I really appreciate if someome can help me in something or give me some advices.
Love meet new people and can be better if loves develop. Also I could improve my English. Jaja

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Sajal Shrestha

Hi Jossa, I am gonna give you some tips which have helped me through my beginner's phase.

  1. Plan a career path.
  2. Plan your long term and short term to-do-list.
  3. Work on it every day.
  4. Be patients while learning.
  5. Read articles and blogs related to programming every day.
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Muhimen • Edited

Join a programming community. You may not find one in your locality, but there is a ton of them on the internet.

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