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My first projects with React. :)

A few months ago I started to learn React but suddently I feel boring so I start to develop 2 projects that I knew that I'll be excited to do.
First I made a simple Weather App just to know if I really understand the basic of the library.
When I finished I started with the project using the Spotify API which I have lot of fun, in one version I was trying to create a playlist with the user's top tracks so when I fetch the data in useEffect and badly introduce a dependencie, then the program start the create a lot of playlists and the next scenario was me deleting a lot of playlist. Haha
I wanted to add another things but seeing the documentation I noticed that Spotify have to give you a permission to access different data from the user. Sad New. :(

I think that the only way to improve our own skills is with feedback so, if someone could give some I'll be always gratefull

Here are my projects:
Alt Text
Alt Text

And this are my repositories:

Sometimes many people (including me) think that in order to be able to create projects we have to read a lot or watch a lot videos but, that's not completely true.

I apologize for my English.

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Muhammad Hasnain

@ataha352 gives a good suggestion. Take it from me, I've been doing development for a couple of years. One thing that has hurt my career more than anything is jumping the JavaScript and JavaScript framework hype. They're of course essential and I love them but if you aren't great at CSS, it won't really matter.

Anyone these days can do React, Svelte, Vue but when it comes to good and robust design, someone who is really good at nailing CSS, that's actually becoming quite rare. At our company, we are failing to find great designers so we usually outsource design work.

Here is one of the best article on the importance of learning CSS, especially as a JavaScript developer.

Please, do learn to be great at CSS too. Adding 3D using three.js, or other fancy effects to website isn't hard these days IMO because there are tons of resources. But knowing when and where to add them, how to make them absolutely beautiful is an essential skill that developers are lacking.

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Thank you so much.
Do you have any resources that could help me with my CSS skills?

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Muhammad Hasnain • Edited

Most tutorials will not give you the deep understand that Josh talked about and that I'm talking about. You can gain it through creating designs, making mistakes, studying what the issues is, what properties create those issues or fix those issues and just google those properties and check the MDN. This is very important, MDN is a bible for web designers!

Now, where do you find designs to practice. There are a ton of resources, I'll just list them and you check them out and stick to the ones you find the best.

  1. Frontend Mentor
  2. Design Course
  3. Kevin Powell
  4. Dribbble

Remember, understanding CSS under the hood is very important but design takes time and practice. No body is born great at design, not even Pablo Picasso. In the beginning you copy designs and study them. Later on any "new" design you create will always take inspiration from the previous work with new trends and techniques embedded into them.

I hope this helps and I wish I could give you a straight forward response with everything laid out perfectly that you could easily understand but I guess that isn't possible. There is a lot of bad advice on the internet. A lot of people became millionaires just by teaching trending technologies and a lot of newbies sadly, jump the hype train.

Good luck!

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The Real Ahmed Taha

Hi Josafath. I checked your weather app. It's good for a beginner. You just need to look for some designs in websites like behance, this will improve your design skills and will save your time.
Good job and keep going.

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Thanks! :)