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Set up browser tests in 10 seconds

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🐺 Ship confidently

QA Wolf - Ship confidently

Set up browser tests in minutes to discover bugs before your users do

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πŸš€ Start Testing | πŸ“– Documentation | πŸ—ΊοΈ Roadmap

🐺 What is QA Wolf?

QA Wolf is a tool that helps you create, run, and debug end-to-end tests directly from the browser. We aspire to be the easiest way for developers to set up browser tests.

We found browser testing too difficult and often gave up on it entirely in our previous jobs. We built QA Wolf for people like us who want to ship confidently πŸš€ by creating browser tests easily.

πŸ€” Is QA Wolf a good fit for you?

🐺 Yes

🦌 No

βœ… You are a developer, or at least comfortable with code

βœ–οΈ You are not comfortable with code

βœ… You want to get going quickly with an out of the box solution

βœ–οΈ You need a lot

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