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Set up end-to-end tests in one minute

Use QA Wolf to set up Jest and Playwright end-to-end tests in one minute:

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🐺Create browser tests 10x faster

QA Wolf

Create browser tests 10x faster

Free and open source library to create Playwright/Jest browser tests and run them in CI

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🚀 Get Started | 📖 API | 👋 Chat | 🗺️ Roadmap

🐺 What is QA Wolf?

QA Wolf is a Node.js library for creating browser tests. Run one command (npx qawolf init) to configure your project and set up CI.

  • Skip writing boilerplate: Your browser actions are converted to Playwright/Jest code.
  • Create stable tests: Your tests automatically wait for elements. Element selectors use test attributes when possible, and CSS/text otherwise.
  • Edit your tests: Edit your code as it is created and add steps to existing tests. Re-run your tests automatically with watch mode.
  • Run tests in CI: A workflow file for your CI provider is automatically created for you.
  • Debug with ease: Each test run includes a video and browser logs.

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pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski • Edited

Finally someone using playwright in the wild :)

Im testcafe user, but im very interested in playwright - its got potential.

Anyway, good to see barrier to entry for e2e tests lowering every year. :)

As for "wizards" for e2e tests they are good to start, to get yourself familiar with the syntax, but at the end of the day, they are always producing too fragile css selectors to use them in real world. I guess everyone needs to learn CSS selectors at some point ;)

jperl profile image
Jon Perl

Yes having good selectors is very important. QA Wolf will inline css selectors when it finds a test attribute on an ancestor element.

jonathanbrizio profile image
Jonathan Brizio

Wow! So fast. I will take a look. Thanks for share