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I would like to start contributing to Open Source, can you help me to start?

Hey! I want to contribute the open source community.

Can you suggest what are the best projects to start with as a beginner?

Appreciate any help or guidance, Thanks in advance.

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Last week a made my first merge request to an opensource tool, I used the tool to deploy my application to Kubernetes, I found a bug in their tool, I fixed it than I made a merge request
I think you should contribute to the project that you use to use in daily work. If you find something wrong or you think that this is can be improved so take the shoot and code your first merge request.

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Ricardo Sueiras

This is a great question and something I hope to talk about more this year; how to get started.

One of our open source projects (AWS CDK) has taken a great approach of providing new contributors with both detailed instructions but also some starter issues with which to practice. Check out the repo here

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Roelof Jan Elsinga

I got started by finding some projects that I thought weren't structured correctly. I created a few pull requests to make things right. It was a win-win, because I learned to contribute and the project became clearer because of it.

You can also start a project for yourself and treat it as any other open source project by creating pull requests to it. After a while it won't be a big deal any more and it becomes much easier to contribute to any project you want to.

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Marcelo Gonçalves

I have recently posted about nice projects that are easy to contribute to. Maybe you can find some issue that you can resolve and send them a pull request.

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Bella Xiang

If you are interested in the distributed database, I recommend you TiDB, an open-source NewSQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads. Here is the reference:
The most important thing is that TiDB is a community-driven open source project and welcomes any contributor. Here is the TiDB community guide that may help you learn more about TiDB open source community:
Wish you a wonderful journey in TiDB community!

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Fernando B 🚀

Think of something you'd likely program yourself. Then search for similar repositories and see if you can contribute.

The repos I contribute the most I use myself regularly.

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Thanks for the response. Really appreciate for taking your time.