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6 Reasons for Programmers to Learn Digital Marketing

There are some non-technical skills that help a business grow and develop more than digital marketing or digital marketing, and when these skills are combined with web development skills, they will be more effective.
This clearly to the question "Why do developers need to learn Digital marketing are?" answers.
The article in front of you has been compiled and compiled in two parts, which you can read the first part in this post and the second part from the link at the end of this article.
Why should web developers learn digital marketing?
What does web development have to do with digital marketing? In fact, there is simply no connection between digital marketing and web development; But if coding skills are combined with digital marketing skills, they become potentially new skills that can be used to have beneficial results in business development and increase the professionalism of web developers. It does not matter if you are a full-time employee of a large company or a freelancer! However, you can use these skills to achieve the beneficial effects they will have on your business.
What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is the use of electronic tools and services to find a market for (marketing) services and products. The most common type of digital marketing that is used these days is online marketing. First of all, we need to know what digital marketing involves. Note the following list, which includes some of these:
 SEO: The process of optimizing a website to rank higher in the search results of Google and other search engines.
 Analytics: includes the analysis and analysis of data in relation to the type of performance, what needs to be improved and how to improve it.
 AdWords: A paid advertising platform that displays ads on Google and search engines.
 Social media: The process of gaining more engagement rates (more attention) on social media platforms
 Email Marketing: Includes all correspondence and marketing done through the email platform.
 Content Marketing: Anything related to writing compelling and valuable content for your target audience (target customers) in order to increase sales / awareness.
 Online Advertising: Any advertisement that is displayed online on a variety of platforms and tools.
 Conversion rate optimization: The process of identifying useful factors from non-useful ones to convert the user into a customer and thus measuring and improving this process to achieve better results.
Having design skills is a privilege.
What are the benefits of learning digital marketing for a developer?
1- Receive more job offers for the developer
A developer who knows digital marketing will have the skills and knowledge to build a principled, complete and standard site. He can use the potential skills he has to attract the target audience to his site and improve the conversion rate. This group of developers seems more attractive to customers and employers.
If the web developer is a freelancer and builds a website for his customers, he can offer his services to customers as a package. Offering products in a package will have more value and revenue. A good web developer usually provides ancillary services such as AdWords management, content marketing, design and SEO in the projects he does for his clients.
Using these strategies will not only increase the website's chances of success, but also increase developer revenue significantly and prevent some of the financial fluctuations that occur for freelancers. But if the web developer is also an employee, he or she can talk to his or her employer or manager about ideas for improving the site and apply his or her skills to the project. A web developer who knows digital marketing is creative in his work, earns more money, and is more valuable to the company he works for than just a simple employee. In addition, it will have other positive effects, which will show themselves in the long run.
2- Increasing income
Employees and technology workers, you can use digital marketing skills to improve your business online presence and sales or ask your manager for a raise.
Freelancers, you can use these skills in your current and future projects and increase your income.
To use the knowledge and skills you have, you need to present them in the right way so that they are welcomed by your customers and employers, and you can shine among other competitors.
3- Personal brand development / branding
Which do you prefer:
Scenario 1:
 If you are a freelancer, look for new customers every month.
 If you have a steady job, look for a job and a new employer and company every month to work.
Scenario 2:
 Potential customers and employers are looking for you and trying to get you to do the job.
 Your job application will be easily accepted for large companies and companies will offer you good salaries.
You may think to yourself that the second scenario represents an ideal situation that always remains a dream and never comes true. While the chances of that happening are very high and you can be in such a situation, do not underestimate the power of brand expansion.
Create a blog for yourself and start blogging, showcase your knowledge and skills, and use social media to showcase your information. Rest assured that you will find a little smoother and your people will see it through the eyes of an expert.

4- Entering a growing field
As the number of Internet users around the world increases exponentially, the demand for companies and digital marketing professionals is also growing rapidly.
Take a look at the chart below, which shows the progress of technology and its use during the years 2000 to 2016.
Expanding the use of technology from 2000 to 2016
The use of various technology and Internet tools has grown dramatically in the last 16 years.
But in the meantime, it's the number of Internet users that is showing off. Currently, 88% of US adults (2016-2017) use the Internet, up from 52% in 2000. This means that more people can buy and there are more businesses in need of people with digital marketing skills. Understanding digital marketing is critical to success in this vast (yet growing) market.
5- Alternative job (Plan B)
This hypothesis may seem a little unusual and far-fetched.
But if we wake up one morning and find that we have lost all our customers, our communication channels and our sites, and we have to start all over again to make money; What will we make?
Mastering digital marketing skills will help us succeed again by following these steps:
1- Consider an amount for our monthly income.

  1. Aim for a small, competitive area such as solar panels. 3- Prepare an industry analysis report, examine the market, competitors and websites, and then find our position as an expert in this field. 4- We provide a digital marketing service package in the amount of 1,250,000 dollar for each customer in order to improve sales in the solar panel market. (This package can include improving web development, AdWords, content marketing, SEO, design, etc.) 5- By registering only four customers who pay 1,250,000 dollar per month, we get a fixed monthly income of 5,000,000 dollar. While the monthly payment for customers is not high. In this case, you can spend 2 hours per day for each customer, which includes a full working day, or you can spend a week for each customer per month. If you think this idea is appropriate and effective, get started now and get started. But it is best to start learning these skills as soon as possible before you need them. 6- Development of skills for successful launch of products or services Are you interested in having a second job such as providing services and products to customers, or executing projects as a freelancer? There are many web developers who decide to do this one day. This is the best way to make more money or even start a full time business. Our constant advice to web developers, especially front end developers, is to learn digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing gives you information that you can use to build useful and effective websites. There may be many objections to this proposal, but we believe that anyone can build a website for themselves, but not a useful and effective website! Having a lot of customers is not a good enough reason to build a website. You need to create a site that is useful and leads your customers to their goals. But if we want to look at the story from another angle, or look at the other side of the coin, we can assume that you have created a good and successful site that has a high ranking and not everyone (any site) can get close to its rank. But even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average customer. If, after reading the above, you are still not convinced to learn digital marketing skills and apply them along with website development skills; And if you want to increase your information and knowledge for career advancement or building better websites, the best way is to wind up your digital marketing skills. So, it is clear that the success of website development will ultimately lead to digital marketing skills. Where to learn digital marketing? The best thing about digital marketing is that there are so many resources to learn from it. But you need to know what source you are using; your source must be complete and valid. Concluding remarks If we take a look at the experts in the field of digital marketing, we see that each of them has learned digital marketing in a way or at least uses it in their business to become a better and more popular developer. On the other hand, you know that many digital marketing professionals have coding skills. For example:  Many digital marketers focus primarily on data analysis, event tracking, and SQL query execution.  A / B testing, landing page and design / preview are also very common. And all of this has something to do with coding / design. Having your own programming skills is a big deal in itself, but if you combine it with your digital marketing skills, you will be on a different path and become a leading programmer. Now is the time to act! We hope you find this article valuable.

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Piercepau • Edited

If you are dealing with software related to eCommerce, knowing digital marketing is something that goes without saying. Digital marketing is not just tips and tricks to involve clients but the bridge between business and customers. But it doesn't mean every programmer should master it. Marketing skills are required mostly for top-tier positions. Anyway, every large company hires a Digital marketing agency to ensure the quality of work done. If you learn digital marketing, the communication between you and marketers will be much more productive.