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What can i contribute?...

Joining DEV has sparked my intrigue at creating content again. I just have 2 problems.

1) I feel like I have nothing novel to contribute. Any content I could create has been done 100 times over.

2) I'm not sure if I want to deal with the negative comments about the bad habits and antipatterns I'm sure I've baked in to my daily routine.

For those who generate content, especially regularly, how do you know what's worth posting? And how were your experiences with negativity or non-constructive criticism?


Ps. I'm a Staff SE with 8 years experience coding professionally... I don't think it's imposter syndrome. Could be though.

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Ben Halpern

Nope, not at all.

Contributing posts is definitely not for everyone. Contributing a valuable comment here and there, even just "thank you for writing this" can be a great way to contribute to the community at large.

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Just realized the title could be read in 2 ways like "do I have to contribute" or "what can I contribute"... for the record I was going for the second one πŸ˜…. Appreciate your reply though! I'll see about editing the title for clarity.

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Bobby Iliev

Great comment! πŸ”₯

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manish srivastava

Whatever I learn, I post it here as my notes. Available to me anytime 😊.