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How much Python can you learn in a week?

If you spend 3–4 hours daily for 7 days, you can learn much more than you think. I am providing this guideline from this android app called: Programming Hero

By the way, these are not your regular hours where you study 5mins, then spend 25mins on youtube and then spend another 15mins by regretting why you wasted 25min on youtube. These are solid dedicated learning hours.

Day-1: 4 Basic Concepts (3 hours)

  1. Variable
  2. Display output (print command)
  3. Take user input (input command)
  4. Math operations (+,-,*,/)
  5. Conditionals

Day -2: 4 basic concepts (4hours)

  1. List (index, append, remove)
  2. for loop
  3. while loop
  4. function

Day-3: Simple coding problems (5 hours)

  1. Convert miles to kilometers
  2. Calculate simple interest
  3. Find the largest number in a list
  4. Check a number is a prime number or not
  5. Sum of all digits in a number
  6. Reverse a string (Check palindrome)
  7. Calculate age
  8. Build a simple calculator

Day-4: Data Structures (3hours)

  1. Stack
  2. Queue
  3. Dictionary
  4. Tuples

Day-5: OOP (4 hours)

  1. Object
  2. Class
  3. Method and constructor
  4. OOP- Inheritance

Day-6: Algorithm (4 hours)

  1. Binary search
  2. Bubble sort
  3. Selection Sort
  4. Insertion Sort

Day-7: Project (6 hours)

  1. Build a web crawler
  2. or a news aggregator
  3. or a simple game using pygame

Purpose of this list is to give you an initial guide. Your actual learning speed might vary depending on the number of devices/distraction you have.

If you feel severe distraction, turn off wifi for 3 hours 😰

You might not master every topic listed above. However, you will be much better than what you are today.

Finally, if you are not sure from where to learn Python,Check it out this fun android application

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