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Introduction to Azure Functions

Recently for work I have been assigned to a project that uses Azure Functions as its backbone. I have prior experience with the .NET ecosystem, but had not yet had much of a chance to work with Azure or newer versions of .NET Core. I spent a bit of time before the project started getting buffed up on all the tooling and know-how I would need to write and deploy functions to Azure.

This series is a walk through of everything I did to get a simple Azure Function setup and deploy-able (both manually, and through a CI/CD pipeline). The repository that contains my function is located here.

The repository above contains a wiki with this entire series already in it. I also wanted to post to Dev in the hopes that the content might be useful to folks here!

The series is broken out into 5 parts. They can be referenced in any order but I would suggest going through them in order.

  1. Creating the .NET Core Solution
  2. Creating the Azure Function
  3. Creating the Azure Function resources
  4. Deploying the Azure Function
  5. Automate the function deployment with a CI CD pipeline

Each post follows a similar structure.

  • Introduction
    • Outlines what will be covered in the section, and what the output should be.
  • Prerequisites
    • Calls out any prerequisites needed for the section and covers how to obtain them.
  • Content
  • Recap
    • Serves as a quick recap to show you all the work you just accomplished 😊.

I hope this series is informative for anyone reading it! Comments and feedback are more than welcome.

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elyusubov profile image

Thanks for post Jacob!
Do you have/know similar article with steps for Azure functions written in JS?