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Turn your server into a Centralize-Git-Repository.

GitHub is Great for Open Source projects,
But i don't like GitHub and many other third-party code storage systems when it comes to building a Private-Product which is a highly closed-end system.

I believe in "Your-Code-Your-Responsibility".

Don't Transfer Your Responsibility to others or there will be greater consequences.

If your organization is not involved in open-source development.GitHub is not for you, Private organization must follow own approach to build a product.

Do it hard way to achieve best results,Setting own git server is piece of cake and secure too(If you want your product secure).

Generate key

 ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

Obtain key from user and push into server

Copy local id_rsa for windows (C:/USER/YOUR-USERNAME/.ssh/ 
For linux(/root/.ssh/ 

INTO Remote server /root/.ssh/authorized_keys 

Create Directory to store your centralize git server

mkdir git-server
cd git-server
git init --bare

Access this Repo at local client

git clone root@ip-address:/git-server

Additional Note:

If you like to make git more secure keep development and production copy where development copy is accessible to everyone in your organization and production copy allow only via special-mechanism such as Custom platform build in browser where user sync development code into production after checks-and-balance.

For my scenario (Single engineer)
I do not use git at the local/server.Simply use own platform where development code pushes into production mode after stable development channel.

Alt Text

Moral Of the story

IF I can do it as a single engineer, It's a teeny-tiny challenge for the Minimal Team of any organization.
In Case you care about your product.


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