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Learning to code is easier now. Should older developers be afraid?

juanbosnic profile image juanbosnic ・1 min read

I was born in 1988, and got my first PC at 10 years old.
Even though I grasped some programming concepts at 14, I later decided I was not good at maths, and therefore should choose a more design-oriented career (ended up building my career around multimedia and then graphic design). However while I got hired to design stuff, I really wanted to code said stuff - bring it to life! - and have been focusing on frontend development for the last 3 years.

Do you think I am at a disadvantage against any person born after the year 2000, considering their energy, earlier access to the internet/information, and "digital-nativeness", who wants to be on my line of work too?

Slightly related bonus question
Is there an age you think a developer would seem less hirable?

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juanbosnic Author

That reply had so much logic in it, it made my emotions take the week off.
Thank you!

As for maths, I can't tell if I disliked them because they seemed hard, or if they seemed hard because I disliked them. We would have to travel in time to ask myself from 15 years ago.