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What do you think the future of Nim is? Can you see it becoming a mainstream language? Also, do you think it can get mind-share in the application-level / web-dev domain, as well as in the system programming world?


Ive seen people using it for all kinds of stuff, even more versatile than Python,
to mention a few, it has a thing to generate Android APK without Java,
web assembly, Vulkan, OpenGL, it runs PyTorch on web and mobile,
I have modules on the PyPI, a nice web framework, some libs,
so totally missing a ton of cool stuff if you dont learned Nim yet.

I think some people are just waiting for it to be >=1.0 for some strange reason,
but is not breaky, even more it has very good deprecation technique,
so feels very future proof, and feature packed, it has a place to be the next big thing of the future.


Do you get a lot of negative feedback on your choice of language? Or are folks pretty supportive of your tool of choice?


Lets see, I can enumerate communities that I remember:

Nim: Awesome community, one of the most friendly I ever meet, people doing all kinds of stuff.

Python: Some people get scared when you say theres Nim on PyPI, but when you explain that is like Cython, and Python is really made of C/C++/Cython/Fortran/etc they get interested.

Rust: Always bring the topic of memory management, but now Nim is adding a mode that works like Rust, so things are more even.

Data Science: They always welcome high performance computing that Nim has.

So in general they are positive, the point is that Nim is not an easy language to describe quickly, sure theres more communities out there too but thats the ones I get to meet.

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